About Jonas Club Software

We strive to provide the best Software, Communication, and Service Solutions in the club industry. This enables you and your club staff to focus on what's most important, your members.



Whether your club is small, large, public or fully private, Jonas Club Software has the right mix of Software, Communication and Service solutions to fit your needs. Worldwide over 2,300 clubs in more than 17 countries, with memberships ranging from 100 to 20,000, utilise the Jonas Club Software to build and enrich member relationships, increase revenues, and decrease costs.

The Difference

We know the industry, and we understand what makes your club unique. Because we provide custom solutions, tailored to the unique needs of each geographic area, we have ample experience overcoming differences in language, tax, golf rules, and more. Our solutions are fully integrated, allowing you to handle your business information once. This adds efficiency, accuracy, and decreases redundant, and often manual, efforts between point of sale, membership, banquet and catering, financials, billing, purchasing, and inventory departments. What truly sets us apart from all others is the fact that we work with our clients, every step of the way, to ensure that they have the right mix of Software, Communication and Service solutions. It's that simple.

Software Choice & Customization

You can choose from over 60 software applications including Accounting, Membership, Activity, and a complete suite of Online solutions. This mix of offerings ensures that whether you have a public club, or a private club, Jonas Club Software provides a total club solution, with every application integrated into your back-office Accounting system.

Help When You Need It

With the largest Support, Training and Professional Services teams in the industry, we are here for you when you need us, and system enhancements are provided several times per year. At Jonas Club Software, we understand that software isn’t written for companies; it’s written for people who depend on our products to improve client service, increase revenue, and enact superior decision making.

Software for Life Policy:

As with any good investment, your software should continue to grow to meet the ever changing needs of your business landscape. It should remain dynamic and protected against time. Our Software for Life Maintenance Policy is our commitment to accommodating the rapidly changing business environment and reflects our continual consideration to the trends and economic realities that impact your daily operations. Unlike other companies which charge for major product upgrades, Jonas Club Software does not. Once a software license has been purchased, you will never again be required to repurchase that license in order to receive a new version of the application. Through our Software For Life policy we guarantee our commitment to enhancing and developing applications that best suit the long term technology needs of our clients.

We are able to offer the Software for Life Promise, in part, by way of the financial stability afforded to us by our parent company, Constellation Software Inc. (CSI). CSI is the 2nd largest software company in Canada and has won prestigious awards, including being named as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.

1990 founding year
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2,200+ clubs in over
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17+ countries around the world
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60+ software solutions to choose & customize from
software solutions to choose & customize from

Company History

Launched in September 1990, Gary Jonas Computing Ltd. established itself early as a premier developer and leading provider of integrated software systems for the Club, Hotel, Construction, and Service Billing industries.

In December 2003, Gary Jonas Computing (“Jonas”) became a division of Constellation Software Inc. (“CSI”). Mark Leonard, President of CSI, commented on the acquisition, “I am delighted that Gary Jonas chose to sell the business to CSI. In the process of examining hundreds of private and public vertical market software companies, we have never encountered a company that has consistently exhibited the growth and operating excellence demonstrated by Jonas Computing.”

CSI is a global software company that acquires and builds high market share, mission-critical, vertical market software companies in growing industries. CSI has consistently maintained profitable growth for a number of years and is entirely debt free. The stability of CSI provides a solid foundation for Jonas to grow for years to come.