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Case Study
Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club Working with CSI's globalVCard program has been seamless and simple. The set up took very little of our time as the implementers at CSI did all of the legwork (identifying and communicating with the vendors). Once up and running there is no additional time needed to pay our vendors, we save on checks, postage and hand cramps (signatures). And on top of that we get a rebate every month - we get paid to pay our bills.

- Mick Nissen, Controller, Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club

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No Cost, Fully Integrated and Cash Back Incentives!

Our new virtual Accounts Payable option, provided by CSI globalVCard®, is an exciting new way to manage your regular payables while cutting costs and generating monthly cash back rewards. Best of all, it’s offered to Jonas Club Management clients FREE OF CHARGE. So, how does it work?

1. globalVCard® paysystems enables you to pay your expenses with  a virtual, single use credit card number, which is generated on demand.

2. globalVCard® paysystems is fully integrated with your Jonas Club Management system, allowing payments to be made in a single point and click step.

3. globalVCard® paysystems eliminates the need for paper checks, and offers a monthly cash back reward on every payment made!

  • Free to UseFree to Use

    Using globalVCard paysystems is FREE for Jonas Club Management Clients.

  • New RevenueNew Revenue

    Users earn monthly cash back rewards on every payment made.

  • Cost SavingsCost Savings

    Virtual cards eliminate paper checks, which can cost a business $4-$20 each.

  • Simple SetupSimple Setup

    CSI’s globalVCard team trains you and your staff, then contacts and negotiates with vendors on your behalf.

  • Fully IntegratedFully Integrated

    globalVCard paysystems is exclusively integrated with the Jonas Club Management system.

  • SecuritySecurity

    The single-use card number becomes invalid once the transaction is complete.