The complete solution for easy scheduling, tracking and communicating with your employees.

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Predict Employee Costs

Creating a schedule for your staff requires a myriad of factors not least of which is your budget. MakeShift allows you to predict the weekly cost of labour as you build your schedule. If employees trade shifts, work overtime, or miss a shift, the labor budget forecast will reflect those changes, so you can avoid exceeding your limit.

Reduce Reschedules

Minimize Schedule Revisions

The costs associated with employee absenteeism add up fast. Managers have to scramble to find replacements, taking up valuable time, and more demands are put on the rest of your staff. Productivity, quality of service and job satisfaction all suffer. By keeping shifts filled, MakeShift’s easy scheduling app helps managers and employees focus on their work, instead of trying to keep the calendar filled and pick up the slack left by absent people.

Reduce Overtime

Unnecessary absenteeism often leads to more overtime. This is a huge and unpredictable expense, and it’s largely a result of poor scheduling. MakeShift’s easy scheduling tool helps keep the schedule filled by letting employees request available shifts directly through the app. By cutting down on absenteeism, OT is easier to keep in check.



MakeShift’s online schedule maker is drag-and-drop simple, but offers powerful tools to help you build efficient and optimized schedules. Use shift templates or create custom shifts, track your labor budget as you go and more. Short cuts like “Copy and Paste Schedule” and “Repeat Last Week” make scheduling even faster, and the in-line search makes it easy to find the right people.

Mobile Apps

MakeShift Overview

MakeShift (for Employees)

The MakeShift app for iOS and Android gives you an up-to-date and at-a-glance look at when employees work. It lets employees request available shifts posted by their manager and indicate when they're free to pick up more work. The app lets employees quickly request time off and trade/cover shifts with co-workers.

MakeShift Plus (for Managers)

With the MakeShift Live app, managers can quickly see who’s working, who’s late, who’s scheduled and who’s available. They can clock employees in or out, edit timesheets and approve employee requests directly from their phone.

Time and Attendance

Time & Attendance

Time Sheets

MakeShift's timesheet software uses employee clock-in/out times for total accuracy. You can customize the timesheets to flag exceptions (late and early times for shifts) and include breaks, and edit employee timesheets online or through the MakeShift Plus app.

Payroll Export

You can quickly and easily export timesheets for payroll in an Excel spreadsheet, or a ready-made file directly in to the Jonas Payroll application or your 3rd party payroll processor.

On The Move

Availability Management

Set Availability

Give employees the ability to set their availability from the mobile app or web app, helping managers to build schedules and fill available shifts with available employees instead of sending out an available shift notification.

Shift Exchange

Staff can post the shift they’d like to drop and other employees can offer to trade different shifts with them. Once an exchange is agreed upon, managers can approve or decline it online or through the MakeShift Plus app.

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